Cluster slide

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Cluster Slide is an 8-row and 7 column slot machine that have simple sliding symbols depicting objects on the slots. Slots pass through horizontal bars that make them “slide”. Slots move horizontally up and down and can be stopped by pressing the up arrow key while on the move. Slots that are on the move continually gain 1 point and the player gets to choose where to place his bet. The cluster gives 4 coins when a slot is won and a royal rating 6 when the highest available prize in the jackpot is won.

This slot is easy to learn and plays well especially when the odds are in favor of the home player. This casino game has many different combinations and some of them have been programmed for users to use them as a strategy. It also contains a bonus feature that is used to trigger wild multipliers that increase the odds of winning big jackpots. There are various other casino game download slot features such as the free reel, double-dashed, multiplier, and others that can be used to improve winning chances.

The free Cluster Slide download has been designed to give the players an idea about this slot machine. The layout of this slot machine is different from most of the other slot machines, since it does not contain the normal black coins. In this slot the player will find a total of five rows, three of which do not have coins. The “area” at the centre of the machine consists of two rows and one column that are filled with fruit. The second row contains five icons that change color depending on the icon and are not part of the regular fruit assortment. These icons can be pressed and will change colors to show the icons that are on the move.