Katmandu gold

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The Katmandu Gold casino game is one of the favourites in the slot machine hall of any town or city in the world. Although it is quite different from its predecessors, it can be easily explained as a follow up to the well-loved Baccarat. In comparison, the Katmandu Gold machine follows the same pattern but features higher payout percentages and much higher maximum payouts. Here, too, certain instructions have been modified for the modern version of this casino game which makes it slightly easier for the novices to get started.

This version of the Katmandu Gold game has two reels like the Baccarat, in addition to the usual three. The first two reels feature a standard jackpot of ten thousand x stakes wins, while the third one offers an unprecedented twenty-eight thousand x stake wins. Win combination’s can be made by a simple click of the mouse or a simple double-clicking of the coins’ button in the lower right-hand corner of the reels.

Payout rates here are high due to the popularity of this particular machine. As with all other machines in this slot machine hall, winning is dependent solely on the random number generator. The bonus symbol used to generate the winnings is determined by the set of drawing numbers on the slots that correspond to the symbols on the bonus symbol displays in the drawing. These symbols change every time the jackpot prize is reduced or raised. In essence, a player needs to pay just to get the bonus symbol and nothing else. As with all other slot machines, winning requires careful betting and wise decision-making.